Derek Staveley

The Parish Priest is responsible to the parishioners and the Diocese for implementation of sound financial controls within the Parish, pro-actively supported by the Finance Committee. The key roles of the Finance Committee are to advise the Parish Priest in the following areas:

– Ensuring proper books of account are maintained and sound financial controls are in place;

– Preparation of the Annual Budget;

– Critical review of Parish quarterly accounts and related income and expenditure;

– Approval of Annual Accounts and Diocesan Financial Reports;

– Advice on major outlays on capital, repairs and maintenance;

– Protection and appropriate insurance of all parish properties;

– Advice on fundraising and ensuring that adequate income is generated within the parish to meet ongoing day-to-day parish financial needs.

The two collections at Sunday Masses cover the salaries of our priests, retired priests and the needs of the Diocese. The on-going day-to-day needs of the parish are in the region of €17,000 per month (covering insurance, wages, repairs, maintenance, heat and light and all other parish costs). The major sources of income to meet these needs comes from direct donations from parishioners – either through standing orders or direct payments (i.e. daily mass collections), together with income from shrines, publications and the rental of the church hall. Whilst this income was insufficient in both 2004 and 2005 to meet expenditure with a deficit of over €20,000 in each year, this has improved in the last two years enabling the parish to cover its day to day costs and build a small funding reserve to meet emergencies.

The Finance Committee has been operational since 2004 and is chaired by Derek Staveley – an experienced businessman and qualified accountant.