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08 May 2021
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Returning to Public Worship – May 2021


Recommended Safety Measures



Please use sanitisers available on entering and on leaving the church Please wear a mask at all times, except when reading.



The church will be divided into two PODS, each with a maximum of 50 people; one will be at the front of the Church and the second in the rear of the church, the two separated by the passageway between the side door and the door to the corridor on the leſt-hand side.


Entering the church

Those wishing to sit in Pod A (at the front of the church) should enter strictly through the side door and those aiming to sit in in Pod B should enter only through the doors at the back of the church. Ushers will point out the available seats in each pod. There should be no mixing between the two pods.



The priest will be assisted by the deacon or a Eucharistic minister, one at the altar (for Pod A communicants only) and the other half way down the church (for Pod B only). Please approach through the main aisle and return to your place by the side aisles, keeping the appropriate distance.


Leaving the church

People in Pod A will leave the church only by either of the side doors, the one going through the side corridor and the one leading into the church yard, while people from Pod B will leave only through the two main rear doors,

Please leave the church immediately and in an orderly fashion, respecting distancing, once the final hymn has concluded. We are asked to make our way promptly out of the church yard. We should strictly observe while on the church grounds.

Please refrain from singing, even the well-known hymns, as this creates a genuine health risk and is not allowed for in the HSE guidelines. Our organist and cantor will take care of the music.



We have received generous support from many parishioners but the reality is that we are functioning with less than one third of our usual income. The situation in the Archdiocese is also close to critical. This makes the need to maximise our collections all the more pressing. The Sunday Mass collections are what keeps the diocese going, including the salaries of our priests. These salaries were reduced by 25% last year and another reduction seems likely without additional income. The PPC, aware of the very diffi-cult situation that exists for many people, asks parishioners to be as generous as possible.

Although Covid safety reasons there will be no traditional basket collections, people can donate through our two new Tap & Go machines’ by simply tapping your credit or debit card for a set amount. One machine is located just inside the side door (to be used by those in Pod A) and one is situated toward the rear of the church (for Pod B attendees). 60% of your “Tap & Go” donation will go towards the First Collection (to support the priests and retired priests of the Diocese) and 40% will be allocated to the Share Collection (which pays for diocesan services and the support of less well-off parishes). Alternatively we encourage you to give by using the DONATE button on our website.

We are delighted to welcome you back and look forward to the time when the restrictions will be further eased.


Fr. Fachtna McCarthy, Adm

Terence O’Rourke, Chair PPC



Eucharistic hymn written and performed by a long serving priest in Zambia during the Covid 19 pandemic




Our Newsletter this week

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Archbishop Dermot Farrell speaks to the parents of children due to receive the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation this year in the following video. It expresses to them and to parish communities the broad approach which is being taken: there is no pressure to celebrate the sacraments by any given deadline; we should use this time of uncertainty to support families to nurture their children as they journey towards the sacraments whenever they can be safely celebrated; and we are creating supports and resources for parishes to draw on in their accompaniment of families.’



The six lectures given at the 2020 Scripture Summer School on The Old Testament/ Hebrew Bible are now accessible through the parish website.  The summer school programme entitled “Vision 2020:  Faith into the Future” is available by clicking here.  We would like to thank Dr Jessie Rogers (Pontifical Univsity,  St. Patrick’s College Maynooth) for her support in enabling the presentation of these lectures on the parish website.  The themes of the six lectures are shown in the following screen snip of a slide from lecture 1 (00m:59s).

Click here for lecture 1:    The Prophetic Call 

Click here for lecture 2:   The Exile and Beyond

Click here for lecture 3:    The prophetic view of present, past and future

Click here for lecture 4:    Prophetic ideas of progress

Click here for lecture 5:    Visions of the glorious future

Click here for lecture 6:    Earth’s  Story in the Prophets

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