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18 September 2021
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Saint John Henry Newman

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The introduction of a the new ‘Summer Dues’ 20th June 2021


Dear Parishioner,

The last year has been a very strange one and much of what we have taken for granted in the past, has changed. One of the areas where the impact of lower numbers and ongoing months of Church closures has had an effect is on the first collection which supports the priests of the Parish and the sick and retired priests of the Diocese.

We have been very grateful for your support both online and by putting your offerings in the letterboxes in the Church. This, with your commitment to the Christmas and Easter Dues, has enabled the Common Fund to support the Priests here and in other Parishes.

However the Common Fund, which is made up of the first collection, Christmas and Easter dues, is at an all time low and we need to build it up. We are introducing a ‘Summer Dues’ to help with this. It will be taken in the same way as the Christmas and Easter Dues and the Parish will benefit from the tax relief scheme on this contribution.

We are very aware that everyone’s situation has changed and we appreciate all your support. If you are able to support this new ‘Summer Dues’ we and the other priests in the Diocese would be very gratefuI. We hope that you get to enjoy some holiday time over the summer and meet up with family and friends. We wish you every blessing and pray that things return to some sense of normality this year.

Fr. Fachtna, Fr. Pat, Fr. Josip and Deacon Greg.



Click here read a Pastoral Council document regarding the re-opening of the church for public worship


The six lectures given at the 2020 Scripture Summer School on The Old Testament/ Hebrew Bible are now accessible through the parish website.  The summer school programme entitled “Vision 2020:  Faith into the Future” is available by clicking here.  We would like to thank Dr Jessie Rogers (Pontifical Univsity,  St. Patrick’s College Maynooth) for her support in enabling the presentation of these lectures on the parish website.  The themes of the six lectures are shown in the following screen snip of a slide from lecture 1 (00m:59s).

Click here for lecture 1:    The Prophetic Call 

Click here for lecture 2:   The Exile and Beyond

Click here for lecture 3:    The prophetic view of present, past and future

Click here for lecture 4:    Prophetic ideas of progress

Click here for lecture 5:    Visions of the glorious future

Click here for lecture 6:    Earth’s  Story in the Prophets

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