Weekend Masses

The Vigil and the 11.00 am Masses have seen the introduction of the assembly rite which commences with the various Liturgical ministers (The Celebrant, Ministers of the Eucharist, Word) walking in procession from the side door up to the altar. This gives an opportunity to reflect on the solemnity of the Liturgy. A cantor leads the community and Parish Choir in song at these Masses. The singing creates a sense of inspiration and spiritual peace.

Some recordings of Masses can be seen here.


The Guild of Choristers of St. Cecelia, established in 1904, had an unbroken tradition in the Latin sung Mass until . The Choristers, led by Robert Daly, used to sing at the 9:30 am Sunday Mass. We are very appreciative of the time and effort they contribute in maintaining such an important tradition in St. Mary’s.  The Guild of Choristers of St. Cecilia was established in 1904 by the Most Rev. Dr. Nicholas Donnelly, P.P. of St. Mary’s and has an unbroken tradition in the Latin sung Mass. Its principal objective is to provide trained singers for the liturgical services of the parish by affording boys attending St. Mary’s National School and others who may have the necessary voice capability an opportunity of taking an active part in the scared liturgy of the Church. Members with few exceptions began their singing as boys in the guild. The guild has sung at many other churches as well as on television and radio and was privileged to sing at the Patrician Year Mass in Croke Park and at the Papal Mass in the Phoenix Park. In 1988 it made its first journey overseas singing at the Brompton Oratory, Notre Dame, St. Peter’s and St. Mark’s the highlight of which was its singing for Pope John Paul II. A beautiful illuminated scroll, setting out the objectives and other details of the guild hangs in the south porch of St. Mary’s.