The task set for the hospitality group was to assist in building a warm and caring community.

Hospitality covers two areas:

(1) Hospitality to parishioners and visitors by way of providing refreshments after mass.

(2) Ensuring that each Mass has a co-ordinator who makes sure that there are enough collectors for the mass and that there are two people to bring up the gifts.

For the past three years refreshments were provided after each family mass, which gave parishioners and visitors an opportunity to get to know one another in a social setting. On one occasion we were able to have the refreshments outdoors in Our Lady’s garden

Hospitality was also provided after fund raising concerts, visiting choirs and the local schools after the special preparation masses for Confirmation and First Holy Communion. A social evening was organised for members of the various ministries which offered a great opportunity to socialise and get to know each.


Photographs taken at the presentation of the Bene Merenti Medal to Donal Gallagher on Friday 8th July 2011.