This post presents details of and some YouTube content regarding the LA Religious Education Congress 2019


Descriptive content of the videos is taken from the relevant workshop programme of the day.  For more information see the couloured boxes in the next section.

Workshop 1-01 (Friday)

Giving a Reason for the Hope That is Within Us

Bishop Robert Barron

Workshop 2-01 (Friday)

Women Deacons: Who Were They? What Did They Do?

Dr. Phyllis Zagano


Workshop 3-01 (Friday)

“Dreams I Never Had” – Justice Denied

Fr. R.Tony Ricard


Workshop 4-01 (Saturday)

Speaking Prophetically for Justice – Principles for Christian Prophecy

Fr. Ronald Rolheiser

Workshop 5-01 (Saturday)

Thirsting for Justice: Global Perspectives on Clergy Abuse in the Church

John Allen Jr.


Workshop 6-01 (Saturday)

“Lazarus, Come Forth!”

Fr. James Martin

Workshop 7-01 (Sunday)

Rejoice and Be Glad: (Y) Ours is the Kingdom of God!

David Haas

Workshop 8-01 (Sunday)

Thirsting for Justice: Teaching Virtues as Tools for Change

David Wells

Youth Day (Thursday)

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