29 June 2014

First Mass of

Fr John Zheng SVD

Homily Notes

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It is a sad fact that, for whatever reason, ordinations have become relatively rare events in the life of our church. This is hardly the place to go into the reasons for this decline but it is surely a question that we will have to address with openness and courage in our church, since the priesthood remains at the centre of the life of our church, if only for the simple fact that the celebration of the Eucharist remains at the centre of our Christian life… (more)


Parish Events
Friday, 27 June The ordination of Deacon John Zheng SVD will take place at the Divine Word House in Donamon, Co Roscommon
Sunday, 29 June (11am) John Zheng SVD will celebrate his First Mass
Thursday, 10 July Annual Parish BBQ at Lansdowne Hotel
St Mary's - Community - BBQ 2014