10 November 2014

Mass Readings  (Sorce: http://www.universalis.com/mass.htm) Commentary on Mass Readings (Source: http://livingspace.sacredspace.ie/) Newsletter 2

Synod 2015 updates

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“Schönborn: Get rid of ‘tunnel view’ when it comes to discussion of families” Source: National Catholic Reporter. See article here.
08112014 WOL
Video five (Youtube Series) of Henri Nouwen’s “The Beloved Series”.
Video four (Youtube Series) of Henri Nouwen’s “The Beloved Series”.
Official Announcement for Website - November 2014
Meditate with Father Laurance Freeman
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175 Years - Notice
Parish Events
Patrick Finn Lectures

Thursday, 27 November 2014: the very distinguished UCD Emeritus Professor of Philosophy Patrick Masterson will be our guest