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Mass Readings

Remembrance Day Concert in St. Mary’s

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Read about the Alpha Course in a Catholic context here.

The Alpha course continued on Thursday, 3rd November. It is planned to continue the course each Thursday for another 5 weeks in the Catherine McAuley centre. Each session will include a talk/ presentation on a specific theme which in turn will be followed by a small group discussion. If you would like to participate in the Alpha course please contact Fr. Claffey (email: pmclaffeysvd@yahoo.co.uk) for more details.


See the YouTube video “Why and How do I pray?” relating to Week 5 of the Alpha course to the left of this text.


Would you like to view church services in different locations in Ireland and the UK? Click here to access ChurchServices.tv
Religious Education Congress 2014: David Wells speaking on the subject “Go, and announce the Gospel of The Lord!”
Lectio Divina as a way of deepening our relationship with God. See introduction to Lectio Divina on YouTube here by Fr. James Martin SJ.

Click here for information about a weekly Lectio Divina meeting in St. Mary’s Parish
Biblical Resources in relation to Mass Readings including notes for readers
Access the Crux website here. “Covering all things Catholic”
Commentary on Mass Readings