Liturgy at St. Mary’s

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Mass Readings
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Masses at St. Mary’s

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Day Times

Monday – Friday


10 AM

12:40 PM

Please note there is no Mass on Mondays which are public holidays

Saturday 10 AM 6 PM (Sunday Vigil Mass)    
Sunday 9:30 AM 11 AM 5 PM 6:30 PM (Croatian Community)



Liturgy and Associated Lay Ministries

All liturgical activity at St. Mary’s emanates from the firm belief that, ‘The Liturgy is the summit towards which the activity of the Church is directed and at the same time it is the fountain from which all power flows.’ ‘The prayer of the Church is the prayer of those who are of one mind and heart in the Spirit of Jesus.’ ‘The physical act of assembling together for the liturgy is a sign of a deeper unity in the Spirit which the liturgy seeks to bring about.’ (Vat. C. 11, Const. Sac. Lit.).

The Eucharistic Celebration at St. Mary’s each Sunday is the gathering of the faith community, the people of God, who:

• Are Called together to express their identity as the body of Christ;

• To Listen to the Word of God;

• to Celebrate the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ;

• to Share their common-union in Holy Communion, and

• to be Sent to serve the Body of Christ in the way that they live their lives.

We endeavour, at St. Mary’s, to achieve the highest standards in liturgical celebration and in sacred music. The Parish Choir, under the direction of Irene Nealon, who is also our organist, sings at the 11.00 a.m. Mass on Sundays with congregational singing led by a Cantor.

The Classicus Chamber Choir, led by Maire Ledwith-Butler, sings sacred music on a regular basis at the 5.00 p.m. Sunday evening Mass.

Other Dedicated Ministries are:

  • Ministries of the Word and Eucharist
  • Hospitality and Church Collectors
  • Funeral Ministry
  • Liturgical co-ordinators and altar servers.